National Day of Prayer

Because of the coronavirus and our Stay at Home orders, we’re having National Day of Prayer online this year on Thursday, May 7, any time of the day at

Five different city pastors and a combination of worship leaders from the city will “live-stream record” the prayer and worship service from Kingsland Baptist Church (the original host) earlier in the week. We will then post it online at midnight so that people can pray along any time of the day they choose on the National Day of Prayer (May 7).

Would you please begin to invite people to this online citywide prayer event? We will “air” it online at I think it’s important, now more than ever, that we unite across denominational lines to pray for our city and nation, for an end to the coronavirus, and for spiritual revival and awakening. What could happen if God were to mobilize 4,000 people to pray?!?!


Jim Leggett